A Season to Grow Up by LucyAnne Waweru

"A Season to Grow Up", and its sequel, "Questions That Adolescents Ask, Unedited", seek to answer questions that preteens and teens grapple with. In the books, questions concerning identity, the maturation process, emotional, behavioral and social changes, as well as relationships, are tackled. A resource for the youth, and a helpful guide to parents and teachers.

This book will:

  • Answer questions commonly asked by preteens and teens
  • Enable parents effectively discuss teenage issues with their kids
  • Be a great resource for parents, teachers and kids alike

About The Author:

LucyAnne Waweru is married to John Waweru and is a mother of six. She has a BEd degree from Kenyatta University and an MA in Christian Counseling from NIST.

She is a teacher, counselor, life coach, and motivational speaker.  She quit her teaching job to become a “Stay at Home Mum”, devoting more time to her family.

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Written by Lets Shine! Magazine