Graceful Transitions by Evalyne Mumbi

Graceful Transitions talks about the different transitions that we go through in life. It teaches you how to go through transitions gracefully and with deep revelation.

The book is packed with real-life transition stories from Overcomers. It also carries a strong message, that is, to declutter. Decongest your heart from all the pain, anger, bitterness that you have harbored, so that the Lord may find a dwelling place, and help you experience graceful transitions.

This book will: 

  • Help you understand life's various transitions
  • Provide real testimonies from those who have overcome similar challenges
  • Strengthen your faith

About The Author:

Evalyne Mumbi is a Christian author whose main area of ministry is giving hope to the hopeless. She encourages people as they go through different transitions, through her personal testimonies and those of people around her. She is a firm believer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Written by Lets Shine! Magazine