How to Develop your Personality & Character as a Christian by Njeri Mucheru

This bundle contains two books by Njeri Mucheru Package: My Priceless Mentality and Life as I Know it Now.

My Priceless Mentality” is the story of some hardships that the Author has faced in her life - from separation from her Birth Mother, who suffered mental illness, to diagnosis with Bipolar Disease. It details how she pulled herself out of the bottom of the pit, to believing that she was, in fact, Priceless. 

Life as I Know it Now” is a summary of major mistakes that the Author made, before the Word of God took over her life.  It explains how she overcame these mistakes, and the truths that she now lives by.

These books will help you:

  • Learn and grow from past mistakes
  • Not let hardships hold you back
  • Develop your personality and character as a Christian

About The Author:

Njeri is an Author and practicing Advocate. For her, writing began as a hobby which soon developed into a passion that has seen her publish several books. Her most recent work is a series titled “Supermarket Girl”, which she writes for Let's Shine! Magazine.  Njeri is an ardent Christian, who endeavors to build her life on Biblical principles.

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