Kenya National Anthem Devotional by Joyce Mwangi

To many Kenyans and friends of Kenya, the Kenya National Anthem is just another beautiful song, national anthem, and symbol of pride especially when sung during international sporting events.

This book seeks to break down verse by verse, line by line the Kenya National Anthem; and draw out the beauty and depth of the prayer that it is. Breathe in and take a conscious prayerful walk through the Kenya National Anthem—because that is what this anthem is: a prayer to the God of all creation.

This book will help you:
  • Re-learn the Kenya National Anthem
  • Study the Kenya National Anthem
  • Become an embodiment of the vision of the Kenya National Anthem

About The Author:

Joyce Mwangi is a teacher that teaches values. She teaches values as a stay at home mum, a speaker in various forums, a mentor to young girls and women, a blogger and as an author.

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Lets Shine! Magazine

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Written by Lets Shine! Magazine