Managing Your Finances God’s Way by Gladys Juma

A 10-Step Personal Finance Manual. The approach used in this book seeks to help the reader see that by changing their thinking and adopting a new look towards their financial position, they could change their life for the better. And what better way to learn this from than from the Master Himself through Scripture!

Managing Your Finances God’s Way is formulated in 10 easy to follow steps. It is a very easy read addressed to a keen newcomer but also valuable to the seasoned investor.

This book will not only give the knowledge of how to handle money but also help you understand the spiritual side of money

This book will:

  • Help you develop a healthy, biblical mindset concerning money
  • Provide a scriptural basis for handling your personal finances
  • Help you produce powerful, positive results in your personal finances

About The Author:

Gladys Juma, is a personal finance coach, author, trainer, and founder of Zueric Consulting (a corporate financial management firm).

She is a part-time lecturer with Strathmore University and a delivery consultant with Raiser Resource Group. She has served in corporate companies and held various finance and leadership positions for over 15 years.

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Written by Lets Shine! Magazine