Mr. & Mrs. White

Not too long ago I was at a social function, a funeral really and had the privilege of being a witness of different perspectives.

Two siblings were the centre of my attraction. They are often mistaken because they look alike despite a huge age difference; and they have glaring differences on their perspectives of life and death. 

This is what happened.

I see a man with a full head of snow white hair.

The younger sibling exclaimed in delight to see the elderly man at the funeral. She recognized him from 20 years prior and was heavily tempted to hug him, but he wasn’t the hugging type.  

She was very pleasantly surprised that he hadn’t aged a day since she last saw him. Her heart soared with gratitude and tried to hold back her utter joy.

Her sibling on the other hand, had stiffened and her cold greeting to the elderly man, poorly disguised her disdain for the old man.

This is the tale.

This man and his wife whom we’ll call Mr. and Mrs. White, introduced the sisters’ mother to the scriptures from a fresh perspective that made the siblings mother jump in with both feet… And hands.. And all that pertained to her.

The Word and the grace it accorded her couldn’t compare to the fine things of life that she had grown accustomed to. This was the real deal. 

And she made everyone know of her new found love; The Lord Jesus Christ. In her finest attire, she made the decision to walk away from the 5 star  hotels she dined at with ease, and walked into the local river to receive her full immersion baptism, declaring loudly to all, ‘This is MY Decision!’

Her darling husband and all sundry believed this was like a crush and it would quickly fade.  

But no! 

Siblings’ Mum did the whole overhaul. The alcohol laden parties ever so often in their home,  became prayer meetings that saw a revival in her neighbourhood so strong that 20+ years after her death,  they are still talking about it! The sick were healed, strongholds broken, lives were forever changed.

She died soon,  too soon. Sibling one blamed it on the ‘fanatic option’ Mr. and Mrs. White had introduced Siblings’ Mum to. 

Sibling two was forever grateful that Mum, saved her entire family and following generations from total annihilation by the enemy of souls, by choosing salvation and declaring that ‘Me and My family will serve the Lord.’

Sibling two knew confidently within her that the breath she breathed that moment, was about a mother who wisely discerned, the things of this earth are not her legacy. Her true wealth lay in surrender to the King of Kings.

I couldn’t help smile that cold Tuesday on the different perspectives of what life and death are.

Siblings’ Mum had chosen life for her family and even in her death, her family were more alive than ever because of her choice of salvation.

Let’s be Mr. and Mrs. White and let many know what true life and wealth is about.  Let us be wise to  discern what true legacies are all about. 

What are we leaving our children and generations to follow? Let’s have courage to save those we love from annihilation.

Written by
Gakenia Thumi
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Written by Gakenia Thumi