My Pandemic Prayer

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This evening, a prayer was birthed in my spirit. I will share it below. If you feel comfortable doing so, please pray as you read through it. 


Thank you, Lord, for the gift and privilege of prayer.

Thank you for the opportunity I have to commune with you,

And for the gift of salvation through your Son, Jesus Christ.

Thank you also, Lord, for all that you have done for me in the past,

For the many fixes you have pulled me out of,

And the many mistakes you have forgiven me for.

Your faithfulness is like no other.

Your love unsurpassable,

And Your grace immeasurable.

Thank you, Lord.

Lord, it is so hard to come into your presence at times,

Especially when I have questions.

You see, I know very well that I should trust in you completely;

But what is happening around me makes me doubt my faith in You.

Lord, what are you doing in this season?

Why have you allowed so many people to die around the world?

And even in our country?

Didn’t you hear my prayers, the prayers I offered when the pandemic hit our country?

Lord, help me to understand what you are doing.

Lord, as a nation, a people, and a church we have sinned.

We no longer view you as the one true God.

We have found other little gods to worship,

And we have elevated them above you.

Oh, how we love our money, our good health, our assets, and our families,

Not forgetting our statuses.

Little gods that cannot compare to you.

You are not pleased with us, Lord.

You see right through our hearts,

To the ugly truth that is hidden inside,

The truth that we only love you when we need something,

Or we are desperately in need of your help.

Other times, sadly, we turn to our little gods,

And we raise them above you.

Lord, have mercy on us.

Lord, all I can do now is plead for your mercy.

Have mercy on me, and us.

Turn our hearts away from those little gods that have dethroned you.

Bring us back into fellowship with you.

Cause us to worship you and you alone.

Purify your church once again, Lord.

Do what you have to do to make us remember that you are the Almighty God,

And bring us to a place where we acknowledge Your power and might.

Do what you have to do, Lord,

To make us acknowledge you as Lord,

To surrender to you completely,

And to surrender to your will.


Written by
Alison Kiriinya

A little about me – My name is Alison, and I am a wife, mom, daughter, and sister. I love to encourage people and to help them achieve their full potential in Christ. I am a firm believer that everything around us is dependent on one thing – the quality of our relationships.

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Written by Alison Kiriinya