Dwelling in the Presence of the Lord: Part 3 – Are there Benefits

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A family is a unit where without a doubt, there are great benefits for the members – those who have been born in the family or adopted therein.  For those who live (dwell) in it.  It is the first place we experience love, we belong; we have a home where we live together; we have a holistic support mechanism – it is a place overflowing with benefits.

In my childhood days, my family was one extra-large family, by virtue of it being extended.  The greatest benefit then was that I could eat from four different houses!  Waooh!  The chances of sleeping hungry were slim!  The support system was great – in household chores and in DISCIPLINE!  My siblings and I could be disciplined by any of our mothers!  There were many benefits – because we belonged, we dwelt. 

There are even more benefits in the kingdom of God for those who dwell.  These are spread all over His word (the Bible). This article, however, focuses on four different scriptures.

  1. Prosperity (Psalm 1:2-3)

I am certain that every human being desires prosperity – whether physically, emotionally or spiritually.  Prosperity in health, material stuff, relationships, emotional stability and most importantly, spiritually is an enviable status.  And people, both believers and non-believers will take risks just to achieve prosperity.  Besides knowledge and skill, people go to school in the hope that they will through these, achieve resources to facilitate their prosperity. The gospel of prosperity has been preached at home and beyond the seas – the much publicized Kanyari gospel of prosperity is not an isolated case. 

Why do many people kill while others flout the law of God and that of man in daily dealings at work – why is corruption such a big deal not only here at home (Kenya) about across many nation – the desire (and ultimately greed) to get wealthy or prosperous. 

Many people want to have their healthy insured, so they are assured of health prosperity.  And, as believers, we immerse ourselves daily in the word of God so we can prosper spiritually? 

… are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season without fail.  Their leaves never wither, and in all they do, they PROSPER.”

Psalm 1:2-3

All manner of prosperity is good, really good, when acquired in the right way.  And by itself it has great benefits (but that not for today).  And it is for this reason people will do all that it takes to be prosperous.

But has it ever occurred to you that prosperity is a benefit for those who dwell in the presence of the Lord?

Looking at the different phrases expressed in the above verse, we see the following attributes of Godly prosperity:

We are wholly supplied as we remained connected in the presence of the Lord!
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  • They are like trees planted along the river bank … Such a tree for sure never experiences drought; the heat of the sun does not affect it.  And this is your benefit you who dwell – not to experience drought nor be scotched by the sun.
  • Bearing fruit each season without fail.  They that dwell prosper continually.  They are productive at all times, and as it has been said over and over – in and out of season! 
  • Their leaves never wither – The Lord God has made it His business to ensure that as the leaves of the trees planted near the riverbanks do not wither, so it is for those that dwell in His presence.  Withering may come in many forms – really all the challenges of life that you can think of, but the bible says, as long as you dwell, you will not wither.  The challenges will come, but you will overcome them as you get renewed in the presence of the Lord.
  • And the Psalmist wonderfully concludes this part:  “And in ALL THEY DO, THEY PROSPER – ALL, not 80%, not 90% nor 10% or 20% – no, but in ALL they do – who? They that dwell in the presence of the Lord. 

My dear reader, let me just let you know that it is in God’s purposes, intent, and plan that All you do prospers.  You may have struggled with family issues, education, for you or your loved ones, finances, health, relationships; and really all that pertains life;, and for some reason you don’t seem to succeed.  God is assuring you today that as you abide in Him, and you give Him first priority in your life, all that you do shall prosper (succeed).  So take courage, rise from the place of discouragement and open a new page for holistic prosperity based on the word of Go

2.  Stability (Psalm 15:5)

Everyone desires holistic stability, yet not all get to experience it leave alone live it.  Stability is a constancy, a firmness or steadiness (in the context of this article), in life.  It represents a balanced life in one’s spiritual journey.  If you are like me, I like to be stable, I like to be firm and steady – in everything I do or experience.  I like the assurance that it is well. 

Nevertheless, life’s course (pattern) does not always present itself in a stable manner.  Many times there are gray areas that one needs to walk to, and through, in order to determine, or really differentiate between the white and the black that constitute the gray. 

When it is supposed to be WHITE or BLACK and all you see is GRAY, you will not be stable.  Most probably, you will be anxious, sometimes confused.  And whereas it is the process of walking through the gray or into the gray that we learn to trust in God, God assures us that He wants nothing but stability for us!  And yes, Stability is God’s benefit for them that dwell in His presence.  They will be firm, they will be steady, they will be constant, not because of who they are, but because of their alignment with God – dwelling in His presence.

“…Such people will stand firm forever.”

Psalm 15:5

3.  Safety and Provision (Isaiah 33:16)

Like in the benefits described in numbers 1 and 2 above, safety and provision are great needs in a human being’s life.  Indeed, these are two of the most basic needs (shelter and food).  What a relief it is not to only know and be assured that God’s ensures that as we dwell in Him, he takes care of our safety and provision.  No one wants to live an endangered life, nor does anyone want to suffer hunger, for if they do, they will be incapacitated and thus not accomplish their daily pursuits.

The person described in Isaiah 33:14-15 (he that dwells in the presence of the Lord), has truly, a good deal for both safety and provision.  He will dwell on high – what does this mean?  He will be above others, he will be honored, he will lifted – above sicknesses, above calamities, above all manner of attacks (or challenges of life as mentioned elsewhere), and even when they come, God has a way of rescuing him (John 16:33).  Besides, this person, will the rocks of the mountains as their fortress of safety – who can conquer rocks and mountains?  It means that before your enemies get to find you and attack you, they first have to fight with the rocks and the mountains!

And in addition to the above, him that dwells in the presence of the Lord, “food will be supplied to them, and they will have water in abundance.”  Yes, abundance.  Not enough, not scarce, nor little, this is someone who knows no lack!  Their food and water are supplied in ABUNDANCE! 

Yes, this is your benefit; it is my benefit, as we choose to inhabit the presence of the Lord.  As we give Him authority and leadership in our lives, really giving him first priority in all that pertains our lives.  This, and other benefits outlined above are ours to enjoy. 

“These are the ones who will dwell on high.  The rocks of the mountains will be their fortress of safety.  Food will be supplied to them, and they will have water in abundance.”

Isaiah 33:16

There are more benefits – The Ultimate Benefit Package is coming up in Part 4 of the series, Dwelling in His Presence.  Do not miss it out!

Have you been blessed, inspired, encouraged, or wholesomely impacted by this article?  Please leave a comment.  Kindly also share it with someone else for the same effect.  Let’s allow the word to dominate.  

God’s peace and grace; Amen.

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  • Wow.. This is so uplifting. I thank God for revealing himself to me and letting me see the greater value in trusting in him. Thankyou for the good work you are doing.. God bless you

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