Pastors’ Kids and their Struggles

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Pastors’ kids around the world have their share of struggles. The reason I decided to write this article is not to expose my fellow PK’s but to create a healthy awareness. Being a pastor’s kid is unique. People always have preconceived ideas and notions about them.

I have suffered the ‘PK stereotype’ which defines us as either extremely good people or bad people. Most people pick the second one. Several people don’t agree with the fact that I am born again and generally a good person. Some of them will try to scrutinize my life.

Growing up as a pastor’s kid has had its pros and cons, and the purpose of this article allow me to share the cons/struggles.

I have struggled with identity issues. Being raised in a church environment had an impact on me. I realized this after I joined a boarding school. It was difficult adapting to the new environment because I was used to our church system and environment.

My identity was not tied to Christ but to my parents. I had not taken the time to understand and know God by myself. That was a defining moment for me. My parents were not there like they used to be during normal services and the daily devotions at home.

I have struggled with the notion that Pastors’ Kids don’t make mistakes. The feeling that your life is seen through a magnifying glass is disturbing. Anything you do is linked to your parents, especially if it is bad. Church members are specialists in this. Such acts exert so much pressure on me.

Most people will assume that we are as spiritually mature as our parents. Others have a predefined future about us, among many other things.

Once again I share this article on behalf of many PK’s. Pastors serve in a spiritual office which experiences constant spiritual battles. The devil is not happy with what ministers do and so he targets the minister’s family.

Praying for the minister and his/her family is a wonderful decision. Constantly talking and encouraging their children is even better. We are normal children bought up by commissioned parents.

Written by
Ephraim Mathenge

I am passionate about Leadership, Reading, Writing & Teaching God's Word. I have a burden for the youth and the lost. My vision in life is to Serve God's Purpose in my Own Generation. My Mission is to continually devote myself to the study and observance of the Law of the Lord, and teaching its decrees and laws in my generation.

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  • Great one, bro. God bless you so much. Pastors kids are not made; they are born. I have also realized that they do suffer just like any other person, and they are faced with many other challenges. They are the first target for the devil, but the spirit of God is above any other spirit, they are always protected.

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Written by Ephraim Mathenge