Supermarket Girl – Chapter 5

Supermarket Girl
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Ruth was a divorced single mom and she was happy.

She had managed to find a balance that worked for her. Sex was not a priority for her in fact she had no real desire for it. She thought it was a destructive thing in the hands of someone who was not married. She told herself that she did not want more children and she was not ready to risk heartbreak, disease or death in the hands of a stranger.

Her favorite pastime was to listen to God talk. She loved to hear about other people’s relationships with God. She had met a lot of people who misunderstood the gospel, then there were others who pretended they knew God for reasons best known to them, others who were instruments of God and others who were instruments of satan. She told herself that her relationship with God was a personal one but she needed to be in the company of like minded people to build up and strengthen her character and thus her relationship with God.

So she went to church and kept close to scrupulous people. She had learned that nobody needed to be changed or saved by her and so she did not have to endure the company of people with whom she could not agree on the basic principles of life. To a large extent she tried hard to steer clear of relationships that caused her anything but joy.

Her children now lived with her mostly. She succeeded in repairing her relationship with them by agreeing with them to let bygones be bygones. She had apologized and tried hard to show her children the different her that she had become. She made it her duty to spend time with each of them separately to draw closer to them. Hugs and kisses became the order of the day with Ruth and her children. Learning to know God more and more and loving her children more and more were her reasons for living.

Ruth’s life was not a walk in the park. She had challenges to deal with. These were her illness, the weight gain from the medications she took and keeping her business afloat. She did not believe that any of these challenges existed in Heaven which was her final destination. Her illness was under control and to assure her of complete healing, she had learned to recite the words of Jeremiah 11:29:-

Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

For her weight gain, she learned to accept that exercise was mandatory in her life and she needed to keep a close watch on what she ate (except when she was on holiday). In her business, she considered God to be her boss and with that, she did not worry about the direction the business was taking.

Yes, Ruth was a very happy woman indeed.

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Written by Njeri Mucheru