The Marriage Vow

Image by Brianna Santellan from Pixabay

This vow is dedicated to the third and most important person in every marriage- God. 

I never thought this day would come, Lord.

How I had waited patiently for you to send the person you had kept for me,

The person with whom I would spend the rest of my life with.

And now the day is here,

And I have so much to say to you.

I am so grateful to you, Oh Lord,

For ordaining something so beautiful,

And allowing me to be a part of it.


Lord, I am not perfect,

And I know that my sinful nature will raise its ugly head from time to time.

Causing strife, discomfort, and even pain.

Lord, without You I will mess up this union,

So I ask, Lord, that You would help me,

To be who You want me to be in this marriage,

And to allow You to mold me into the spouse You intended that I be.

My partner

Lord, my partner is not perfect either!

In fact, I can already see many things that they need to change!

But wait – I cannot change anyone’s heart,

But You can.

I cannot change anyone’s mind,

But You can.

So, Lord, I give back to You this wonderful partner You have given to me,

Because You know what is best for my partner.

You know what to teach,

And You know what to change,

And You know what should remain just the way it is.

My relationship with you

I feel like love will separate us, Lord,

Because I will be so in love with my partner,

With no love left for You.

Lord, my desire is to walk in Your ways all the days of my life.

Would You help me stay close to you, Lord?

Would You help me stay tuned to Your frequency,

Where I can hear Your words of direction clearly?

Would You help me stay on track with my faith?

Even when the love for my partner burns deepest?

My Vow

Lord, I vow to listen to everything You say,

And to obey it.

I promise to spend time with You daily,

Even when there appears to be something more urgent to do.

I vow to remain firmly in the faith,

Even in seasons where my faith and that of my partner is tested.

I promise to let You have pre-eminence in my life,

And to give our relationship top priority,

Especially when the temptation to slack off is highest.

I promise to allow myself to be Your instrument in this marriage,

An instrument of love, peace, encouragement and support.

I promise to continually seek Your wisdom,

And to keep my faith firmly anchored in Your Word.

Lord, I vow to keep You at the center of my life,

And at the center of our marriage relationship.


Written by
Alison Kiriinya

A little about me – My name is Alison, and I am a wife, mom, daughter, and sister. I love to encourage people and to help them achieve their full potential in Christ. I am a firm believer that everything around us is dependent on one thing – the quality of our relationships.

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Written by Alison Kiriinya