Whisperings of Love

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Dear reader, allow me to share with you about this slightly mundane but personally enlightening epiphany I had in the wee hours of the morning today.

You know how, when something touches you so personally, even though half the world has been through the exact same thing, it’s never just another experience for you? Yeah? Well it’s kinda like that.

So here I was at about 2 going to 3 am, deep in that wormhole that is late night binge-watching when I got up to get a late night snack to help move the hours, and as I walked to the kitchen I thought about how unproductive I’d been for the past week.

By way of explanation, I tend to have this habit where if I feel overwhelmed sometimes because of a new task, I end up feeling stuck. Like a mental lock-down. Recently, work had left me feeling stuck and overwhelmed. You know what they say about a problem half shared, so to find some perspective, I thought to ask on my WhatsApp status if anyone else had been in the same situation, and what they did to overcome it.

But when I had just finished formulating that question in my head, the Holy Spirit whispered and reminded me of something that we all know, a verse that we make light-hearted moments of a lot, the nursery rhyme of the Christian Faith:


I don’t know if the Holy Spirit does this with you but sometimes He’ll speak to me but not complete the statement, like He’ll just fade into black mid-sentence. So for the ones that I know by heart, I’ll complete them myself, like Bible Verses (case in point the one aforementioned). But for the ones which I have no clue, like Him revealing something new, I’ll sort of get this understanding in my heart at the tail-end of His sentence.

Very cool intimate thing if you ask me ❤️

Anyway, I completed the statement, and brethren, it felt like how I imagine a phoenix feels being reborn from the ashes.




I couldn’t help but reflect on the space I had been in where I did anything but work, but those feelings had vanished within the blink of an eye when God said those words to me right there in the kitchen.

Funny how I’ve always known that verse, but God cherry picked it right when I needed it and it became my oasis in a dry and dusty desert. What’s even better, I figure God had saved it for a time such as this (I had to guys) to give me time to actually rest and rejuvenate for the task ahead. With all that had gone down, I couldn’t help but think, “I’m in a love relationship with God“. With Him doing most of the loving honestly but doing it perfectly. At that moment I whispered a prayer, “Lord I never ever ever want to leave your side. Keep us together and forever growing closer, even through the down times, Amen.”

To anyone else feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, inadequate or like you won’t measure up to the task, I want to let you know today that YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS YOU.


Written by
Wambui Mwania

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Written by Wambui Mwania