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Author - Yvonne Patock

I write about spiritual matters, poetry, fashion and beauty, hair growth and management and travel.

May It Remind Us

As the orange pink hue of the setting sun  Paints itself across the greying sky  I see the beauty God cannot disguise   I know a love that cannot lie A sea of black engulfs the night  And the stars appear to spread the...

Though He Slay Me

I think that one of the hardest and yet, simplest thing to do is to tell the truth. It’s difficult because with honesty comes a great deal of vulnerability. This, in turn, means that you put yourself in a position of possible hurt. However...

So I Wait

I watched the sun as it slowly slipped from the edge of the earth, before plunging the world into darkness. I sat outside, my face upturned as I waited for dawn to break. Would it ever break? Would the bright rays of the sun paint the horizon in all...

Is Trusting God Bitter- Sweet?

God holds the steering wheel, but I can’t help but furrow my eyebrows and question the direction He chooses. “It’s too long a distance,” I point out, “and I’ll be the one that loses.” Yet, He carries on at a seemingly slow and agonizing pace. I feel...

Coffee and cookies over a good book

Let Us Talk About Fear

Let’s talk about fear for a minute or two. Let us talk about the dreams it’s stolen and friendships it’s shattered in two. Yes, let’s talk about what makes us bristle and steel our spines despite the knowledge of what we ought to do.  Do you...

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