Here’s To God’s Unfailing Love

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Love knocks on my door before I saunter over to open. 
Wait, I say to myself, fear may be back, forcing me to reopen. So I hesitate, lest my poor heart be broken.

Love knocks on my door once more, a little impatient and I’m torn in two. So, I peer out the window; love stands on the porch, next to the grass covered in dew. It spots my curious face, earning me a smile, promising to mend my heart anew.

I give it an assessing gaze, down to its toes and back again to its hair tips. Aren’t you going to let me in? Love all but quips.

I close my eyes and pray for guidance. Why should I let you in? I say in defiance. With admirable patience, love answers, because, in God’s love, there’s reliance.

Doubt taps on my shoulders. I peer at it, as it jerks its finger back, pointing behind me to the other shareholders. I let my gaze fall on timidity and low- self-esteem, their wicked smiles threatening to burn me into smolders. Suddenly, realization dawns on me like a ton of boulders.

I recognize the crack in my heart and the gaping hole in my soul. My knees buckle, so I drop down to my knees, can God’s love make me whole?Dare I take a step towards the unknown?

A light whisper startles me, so I look up. God’s patience thaws my resistance and I have to admit, He’s got a lot to clean up. Yet God answers, Child, there’s nothing My love can’t redeem and buildup.

Getting to my feet, I grip the door handle and let it swing open. I let God’s love saunter in and let it heal my heart with incredible devotion. Falling back into God’s love, I feel it steady my every emotion. The murky water I had once trudged through now washed over by love like an ocean.

With deep frowns, doubt and his associates pack their belongings, as I delightedly show them the door. One by one, they march out, every single one I had grown to deplore. I beckon God’s Love to have a seat, no, I more than implore.

He reminds me that I’m worth loving. 
He reminds me that I’m worth something.

Here’s looking to a God who loves me in unbelievable ways. Here’s looking to a God whose love is more than just a passing phase. Here’s to a God that stays!!

Written by
Yvonne Patock

I write about spiritual matters, poetry, fashion and beauty, hair growth and management and travel.

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Written by Yvonne Patock