As days pass by

As the rain washes the hard ground

As the moon shines by night

And the sun by day

As the seasons come and go

The winter brings its cold

The autumn brings its beauty

And a kaleidoscope of brilliant colours in the fields

The spring days and the spring rains

And the summer beauty warms the earth

We declare that we will return to the Lord

We will return with humility

We will return with sheaves

We will put out a sacrifice of praise

A sacrifice of thanksgiving

The Lord will revive us again

The Lord will refresh us again

Revive us like the streams of the Negev

Revive the desolate places

Revive our souls

Yes! We will return to the Lord our God

We will remember our first love

Even as new seasons come

We will return

Written by
Jane Harel

I am a Minister of the Word of God and a Counselling Psychologist. I write poems and devotionals for the glory of God. I also train on etiquette, protocol, psychology and leadership.

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Written by Jane Harel