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Tag - Alison Kiriinya

Trusting God 101

Do I still trust God? Do you? Prophet Jeremiah had a tough life. His job was to go round telling people that destruction was on its way and that if they did not surrender to the Babylonians, things would not go well for them. He was threatened with...

No Mercy Like Yours

Isaiah 59:2a “But your iniquities have separated you from your God…” (NIV) I looked ahead, and all I could see was darkness. No, wait – all I could feel was darkness, Because the sun was shining, The birds were chirping, And life was moving on as...

God of Mysteries

God of mysteries – I don’t understand your ways, But I choose to trust you. I don’t understand how you knew me before I was born, And you saw my frame being formed in my mother’s womb I don’t understand why your plan is sometimes painful...

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