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A Brilliant Day!

Brilliant Day

A brilliant day!

The sun casting her light upon us

The beauty of the day

Serenading us

Enveloping us

Bringing us in

Loving us

Giving us hope

Giving us joy

The joy of the Lord

Our strength!

As we congregate to hear the Word of God

As we deliberate on the projects ahead

The people are expectant

Our hearts leap

Taking that leap of faith

Into the future

Seeing our future unfold

Every step of the way

We sing

We dance

We laugh

We love

The beauty of the day

A brilliant day!

Enveloping us

Giving us hope

Hope for the future.


Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash

Written by
Jane Harel

I am a Minister of the Word of God and a Counselling Psychologist. I write poems and devotionals for the glory of God. I also train on etiquette, protocol, psychology and leadership.

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Written by Jane Harel