How I Met Jesus the Same day I met my Biological Father

I always wanted to meet my dad, I am an only child with no siblings and no mother. I always wanted to know how it would feel to have someone who carries your DNA. When I was in high school, some of my classmates had nicknamed me TURINANA (the baby/child of MUTURI) because I always carried his photo along with me wherever I went and I kept on telling them how I was looking for my dad day in day out. Years passed by and the interest grew even greater. I made this a prayer request and certainly God answers prayers because He did.

One day as i was going back to school for tuition, I decided to pass by Rwaka, a town in Nairobi. My mum always narrated stories of how she met my dad, where my dad was from and most of his details, so, at least, I had a clue of where he was from. I stopped by a shop and the first thing the shop attendant asked me was “whose daughter are you in the Kariuki’s family because you look so much like them?” Wow I was amazed and got so emotional, narrated my story to her and funny enough she closed her shop and went round with me in that town in search for my dad. After an hour or so, we could not find him and so she told me to go back to her shop and wait there as she was left behind trying to find his contacts. Well, I did as I was told. A few minutes later, the lady comes alongside this man that resembled me a lot. Immediately he saw me, he started weeping and I could not also hold my tears back. He hugged me and I felt the love of a parent that I had never felt before, so many questions, bitterness, anger run in my heart and mind but I chose to enjoy the moment as i was not sure it would happen again.

Unfortunately I was getting late for school and had to rush off.

I had promised God that the day I would find my dad I would accept Jesus in my life as my personal savior and so I did. Immediately I got to school, though late, I went on my knees, repented and accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior and since then I have never looked back.
My walk with God has been more than amazing. I cannot write the whole story in a blog and so I chose to write a book. I am almost done an will definitely inform you once its out for this and more testimonies,



Written by
Eva Njeri Mumbi

I am a creative and ambitious Christian writer, wife to a pastor, and also a mother. I am very passionate about writing and it makes me feel complete. My main focus is on Christ and His affairs and inspirational pieces.

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Written by Eva Njeri Mumbi