What Can I do for the King?


Many Christians frequently pray to the Lord, that He will do something for them. This Christian message asks “What can I do for Him?

What can I do for the King?
He has done so much for me.
He has created me.
He has kept and preserved me.
He has lifted me up from the deep.
So what can I do for my King?

He has healed all my diseases.
He has given me salvation.
He has protected me.
He has given me wealth and health.
He has loved me;
He became sin so that I may be saved.
He has done so much for me.
What can I do for my loving God?

I will lift up my cup of salvation.
I will exalt His name.
I will bow down in worship.
I will prostrate before the King.
I will honor and glorify Him.
I will worship Him in truth and in spirit.
This is what I will do for my King!

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Written by
Jane Harel

I am a Minister of the Word of God and a Counselling Psychologist. I write poems and devotionals for the glory of God. I also train on etiquette, protocol, psychology and leadership.

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Written by Jane Harel