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Say A Little Prayer


A little turmoil

A little hurt

A little tumult

A sudden shock

Crumbling walls from within

Unstable floors fall from beneath

As the fountain under my skin

Continues to flow because of Him

So I say a little prayer….

Unfailing love

Coming from above

Redeeming love

That I’m undeserving of

Yet, beneath your wings

My heart sings

You dry my tears

You hide my fears

As I once again

turn to you Lord..

And say a little prayer….

About the Poem

We all need to trust God through the ups and downs of life; it’s what makes life, life. Life has never been, and I sincerely doubt, will ever be smooth sailing until we reach our destination (Heaven). Yet, the undeniable fact that I can count on God; who loves me in spite of myself warms my heart from within.

I am learning to pause and pray during the good and the bad times. I pray you are too. God bless you and I really hope that the above poem was a blessing.

P.S. Writing poems allow me to paint a picture of how i feel at a particular moment, or about a particular situation. I’d love to hear what you think about the above poem. Plus, I would love to hear about your favorite hobbies as well. Love you guys!!


Written by
Yvonne Patock

I write about spiritual matters, poetry, fashion and beauty, hair growth and management and travel.

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Written by Yvonne Patock