I see beauty

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
 I see beauty in the weighty cross
 A tree so rugged, bloody and heavy
 It witnessed the weight of the world upon the Son of God
 I see a thing of beauty in Calvary’s cross
 Weighted with sin, pain and death
 Christ who hang there spited, ridiculed and shamed
 I see only beauty on that Calvary’s cross
 Love displayed clearly, so true
 With every drop, that blood that was shed
 Had purpose, bought freedom, salvation and grace
 I see true beauty on that bloody cross
 When His Life He gave under its merciless weight
 At the death of the man Christ, the veil was split in two
 A death on the cross that carried shame and guilt
 Bought passage into the most Holy place
 Now I enter to worship in freedom under grace
 With that last cry declaring it is complete
 Still on that gruesome precious cross
 What terror must have hell encountered
 As the King of glory descended the abyss
 And as Christ descended the depths of Hell
 For us He retrieved the keys of authority
 That once had been ours but were lost at the garden
 But with His Rising He restored all that was lost
 Tis now empty, that cross of beauty
 Though rugged, bloody and weighted
 The work of redemption that was set in motion that day
 Was finished at the cross of Calvary
 I see only beauty on that rugged cross
 So precious to me that shameful cross
 The hope, riches and power it bought
 I could not tell the half of it!
 Oh so much beauty in the thorn crowned head of Jesus
 So bloody, disfigured and totally unrecognizable
 For the lashes, stripes and battering He had endured
 Were for me: most wretched, lost and damned
 I worship because of the work accomplished on the beautiful cross
 I live because though my saviour died, yet He rose
 I see beauty in that rugged cross 
 And lay down my life to bear my cross 

Written by
Janet Wachu

I am a writer focused on inspirational material, music and poetry. Currently, I enjoy working with the youth. My desire in writing is to make a spiritual lasting impact and bring readers and listeners closer to the feet of the Father for personal intimacy with Him. I also work as a HR practitioner.

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Written by Janet Wachu