The 5 Stones that you need to Kill the Goliath in your Life

The 5 Stones that you need to Kill the Goliath in your Life

The story of David in 1 Samuel: 17 showcases the outcome of fear and courage. We all have spiritual battles that we fight, sometimes we win, and other times we don’t.

It is impossible to fight spiritual battles physically, therefore, for every spiritual warfare, you must be ready and well equipped to address it in the spiritual realm. Before fighting any battle, there is a painful preparation process where you must train to gain enough strength, prepare your armor and all the tools that you will need on the battlefield.

The same way that you prepare physically, is how you need to prepare spiritually.

The way you address your battle is dependent on the battle and its intensity. If you are struggling with health, you will need to read the word of God, and understand what God says about your health, then exercise it. If you are going through financial retardation, you will need to go back to the word so that when fighting spiritually, you will not go empty-handed, you will have proof or backup. If it is barrenness, you can confidently tell the devil that God has declared in Exodus 23: 26 that NONE shall be barren in the land.

There are five core things that you need before embarking on a spiritual battle. To kill that Goliath, you will need:


The main reason why people lose is that they fear. You must be bigger than your fears or else your fears will be bigger than you. Your challenge may seem so big, but the size is irrelevant, how you approach it is what matters in the long run. According to David, Goliath was too big to miss, but according to King Saul, he was too big to kill. Your victory depends on how you perceive your challenge.


The Israelites did not believe that they could kill Goliath and that made them lose before the battle began. If you have no faith in what you are pursuing, you will fail terribly. Faith is the absence of fear, and you must exercise faith to win.


There must be something that you fought spiritually and won. There must have been something that was about to kill you but instead made you stronger. The fact that you were able to win before means that you can do it again. David told Saul that the same God who had delivered him from the paws of the lions and the bears would deliver him from Goliath. That move is an actual illustration of a winner. Use your testimonies to remind the devil that even now, regardless of the storm, you will come out victorious.


You have played this card for too long, its time you stand up and fight. God has given you all the strength that you need to face whatever comes your way. You keep complaining, saying that you are not worthy. “How will I go into the presence of God, I am not righteous”? Today, you must know that we all fall short of the Glory of God, it is only by His mercies that we are alive. Go before God just as you are, remember he loves us uniquely, and according to each one’s uniqueness.


Just like David, exercise commitment. If David listened to his mockers, those who thought that he was too small to fight the giant, he would have never fought and won the battle. Whenever you start something, commit yourself to it until it is accomplished.

Spiritual battles can easily be won if you know how and under whose authority you are fighting them. Never underestimate your capabilities, and for sure you will WIN. No battle is too hard when you have Jesus.

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Eva Njeri Mumbi

I am a creative and ambitious Christian writer, wife to a pastor, and also a mother. I am very passionate about writing and it makes me feel complete. My main focus is on Christ and His affairs and inspirational pieces.

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Written by Eva Njeri Mumbi