The Love Story – Part 2

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Lessons from an Epic Love Story (continued)..

In the book of Ruth chapter 2, we see Boaz being introduced for the first time. And he is identified as a man of standing. A man of character and good reputation.

Boaz was no ordinary man. He was a well respected and esteemed man in his community. A man of honor and great integrity.

The greatest form of attraction is character.

It is said that when a man lacks character, it doesn’t matter how much he is worth or how he looks – he will be unattractive. True beauty comes from within.

In verse 2, we see Ruth seeking permission from her mother in law to go to the fields to pick leftovers, in whosoever’s land she would find favor. Naomi allows her to go.

I believe Ruth could have chosen to leave and go about her business without informing Naomi. But the fact that Ruth sought permission shows that she greatly honored and respected Naomi.

Ruth was a submissive and respectful girl. She honored and respected Naomi.

Child of God, the way you treat other people reflects how you will treat your future spouse.

The way you deal with strangers, family members or even how you deal with the Lord, especially when you don’t agree with Him, reflects your character.

If you are not acquainted with honor, you will not be able to honor your spouse or your relationship.

Honor and respect are one of the greatest foundations for lasting relationships.

You give what you have. You release what you are made of. If you want to have a blissful relationship, work on yourself!

Don’t just work on your outside which is fleeting, but work on your inside which is enduring!

So Naomi allows Ruth to go ahead and look for some work. And in verse 3 and 4, we encounter some interesting coincidences.

The Bible says that, as Ruth seeks work, she finds a space in the field of Boaz – coincidence no 1.

And on that particular day, Boaz comes to the field to see how the work is going –  coincidence no. 2.

As a matter of fact, the Bible says that on the very day that Ruth gets the job, Boaz shows up. Isn’t that a coincidence!

But it is said that there’s no such word as coincidence in Hebrew. Everything that took place that day was no coincidence. It was staged and ordained by God.

There’s no such thing as coincidence in God. Everything happens for a reason and a purpose.

Ruth was simply pursuing her destiny in God, busy taking care of her mother in law, but at the same time, God was handling her business. She thought she was looking for a job but didn’t know that the Lord was ordering her steps and leading her to her destiny! 

Coming from Moab to Bethlehem and landing on Boaz’s field, was all God’s plan. 

Glory to God!

Ruth didn’t mind gleaning over leftovers. All she cared about was the well being of her mother in law and herself. She didn’t care about what other people would say. She was focused on living a quiet life and minding her own business.

This portrays a lot about Ruth’s character. She was humble enough to do whatever it took to take care of her mother in law and herself. She knew her worth. That’s why she was never bothered by her current circumstances because she must have known that ‘this too shall pass’. Her circumstances never changed who she was. She did everything with dignity and honor. Ruth was a woman of strength, noble character and great virtue.

After Boaz gets to the field and greets the workers, the Bible says, Boaz asks the overseer who Ruth belongs to.

This fascinates me, because I believe there may have been other people who had come to glean too. But he took notice of Ruth in the midst of other beautiful maidens. He inquired about her.

This is to all my beautiful sisters out there; the man that God has for you will notice you. And he will inquire about you.

If you have to do a lot in order for a man to notice you, then he may not be the one. If he’s for you, he will take notice of you even in the midst of other beautiful and gifted damsels.

I believe the reason Boaz took notice of Ruth was because of the hand of God upon her life. The oil of favor that flowed through Naomi to Ruth distinguished Ruth in the midst of other girls, in the eyes of Boaz.

After Boaz inquires about Ruth, he’s given her story. How she left her hometown and followed her mother in law to an unknown place and how she had been working in the field since morning.

And Boaz is impressed by the character and integrity of Ruth.

Listen child of God, the man or woman God has for you may be attracted to you because of your charm, beauty and the favor of God upon your life, but you will keep him or her through your character and reputation.

It was after hearing the story of Ruth that Boaz became interested her. The fact that Ruth was a Moabitess, a widow and poor, didn’t seem to bother him. Because her character and reputation superseded her background.

Now that Boaz is interested in Ruth, he calls her aside, and tells her not to go and glean in another field. He has seen something unusual and rare in her, and is not ready to let it go.

The Bible says, “a virtuous woman who can find?”

Boaz found a virtuous woman.

The following verses of chapter 2, reveal to us the incredible character of Boaz. Not only does Boaz ask Ruth not to depart from his fields, but he ensures her safety while working in the field. Boaz decrees that none of his male workers should lay a hand on Ruth. He protects her life and dignity. He ensures her security.

Boaz assumes responsibility for Ruth.

In verse 8, we see Boaz calling Ruth, ‘My daughter’. Meaning, Boaz assumes the position of a father to Ruth.

The position of a father signifies covering, protection, provision and a sense that ‘I am responsible for you’.

Daughter of the Most High God, the man that God has for you will be zealous about your safety. You should feel secure and safe around him. He should endeavor to protect your calling, reputation, dignity and future. He shouldn’t do anything that would compromise your future and your relationship with the Lord.

Boaz protects, shields and guards. He watches over you and not just physically but emotionally and spiritually too. He ensures your safety by the decisions he makes concerning you and by covering you in prayer.

The man that God has for you will be blessing to you.

Not only does Boaz protect and ensure the safety and security of Ruth, but he blesses her too. The Bible says that Boaz tells Ruth to drink water whenever she is thirsty,

During lunch hour, Boaz calls her to eat with the rest. And she’s offered bread and she eats all she wants, and there’s even some leftover. As if that is not enough, Boaz orders his men to leave some stalks for Ruth to collect when she comes gleaning. Ruth goes home with overflow and an abundance of blessing that day.

The Bible says that the blessing of God makes one rich, and adds no sorrow.

Your Boaz will bring you joy, peace and blessing overflow. They will not find you in peace and leave you in pieces. They will keep pouring into you, be it love, grace or even understanding. The man that God has for you has come to be a blessing and not a curse. He will bring joy and peace, and not sorrow, pain, confusion and shame.

That’s the nature of Boaz – he has been blessed to be a blessing.

Remember, the fact that a man is wealthy doesn’t mean that he is generous or kind-hearted. A man’s kindness is not measured by how much he gives out of his riches but by how much he gives out of his poverty.

Something spectacular takes place when Boaz blesses Ruth. The scripture states that, in verse 10, that Ruth bows down her face to the ground. And in verse 13, she says, ‘May I continue to find favor in your eyes, my lord”.

Can you see that?

Ruth calls Boaz “my lord.” Ruth is whole on the inside and can see Boaz for who he is.

Many times we miss out on Boaz because of how we treat him. We fail to recognize his kingship and greatness. And we treat him like an ordinary man or the man who hurt us and broke us.

That’s why it’s important to heal from every toxic relationship that broke us and left us wounded. Because if we continue with the bitterness and the resentment, we will spill all that venom on the man who didn’t break us.

Be whole, so that you won’t bleed on people who didn’t cut you  Be healed on the inside, so that you will not repel with bitterness, negativity and resentment.

Remember child of God, you attract your own kind. If you are attracting something you don’t like – heal and change. Allow the Lord to work on you. Let Him mold you and transform you into His likeness. Seek to be like Christ. Pursue good character and wholeness.

Goodness will always attract goodness.

Ruth impressed Boaz with her character and reputation. 

Boaz impressed Ruth with his good nature and kind heart.

Much Love,


God Bless You!

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