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I’ve been studying the book of Ruth for a while now, and what a tremendous love story! I tell you the truth, it’s absolutely incredible. I have read it over and over again. As a matter of fact, I have not been able to move from it. I have really enjoyed reading it!

To be honest with you, my first intent of reading and studying the book of Ruth was to find the secret behind finding a Boaz, don’t judge. The moment I started studying it, however, the Lord started revealing some truths to me, and I soon realized that the book of Ruth was more than a ‘love story’; instead it was about ‘fulfilling destiny’.

I would have done injustice to the story of Ruth, had I reduced it to mere romance and missed the revelation behind it. The more I read the book of Ruth, the more I realized that if you pursue destiny, you will have no choice but to stumble on Boaz along the way. But if we focus on finding ourselves a man or a woman, we will end up with Bobo instead of Boaz.

This is to every man and woman believing God for ‘the one’.

The one God has for you is along the path to your destiny. Until we reach a point in our lives where we surrender our ideas, desires and intense love to the objective of finding our destiny,  we will never stumble upon the one God has for us. We might find the one we want, but not the one God has for us. The one God has for you is found along the way to your destiny.

Listen, child of God, Ruth was not looking for a husband. She was pursuing her destiny in God and because of her obedience in pursuing God and her destiny, she stumbled upon Boaz. Surrender your desire for a husband and a wife at the feet of Jesus, and surrender your heart to the Lord. Give in to God’s call and to your purpose. And like Ruth, pursue destiny instead!

Let’s go on a journey with Ruth and find out how she fulfilled her destiny in God.

In the book of Ruth chapter 1, we are introduced to a woman named Naomi and her husband, who end up leaving their hometown and heading to Moab as a result of famine in the land.

In that foreign land, Naomi loses her husband and her sons but ends up gaining two daughters in law, who are Moabites. At this point in Naomi’s life, she is bitter and broken (as we see in verse 20), and she tells the women not to call her Naomi but Mara, meaning bitterness, because the ‘Lord has made her life bitter’, so she believed!

Naomi begs her daughters in law to go back to their people, since she has nothing to offer them. And on that basis, Orpah decides to go back to Moab but Ruth refuses and instead clings to her mother in law and pleads with her not to leave her. As a matter of fact, we see Ruth vowing to go wherever Naomi will go, and that her God will be Ruth’s God.


What would make Ruth cling to Naomi so desparately, knowing that Naomi is broke, has nothing to offer, is bitter and seemingly of no good to anyone?  What would make Ruth leave what is familiar and comfortable, for what is uncertain and unsure?

The answer is that Ruth has the sense to recognize that her destiny is locked in Naomi.

Naomi might have been broke, bitter and broken by life’s issues, but Ruth’s destiny was locked up her. She was sensible enough to realize and understand that there was no future in the past. Moab represented the past, but Naomi represented the future! Ruth was a sensible girl, one who discerned her own destiny. She was wise and full of understanding concerning the things of God. She was also able to see and discern what Orpah could not see – that Naomi was not just any ordinary woman, she was the key to her glorious future!

This teaches us to treat people well since you never know who might be carrying the keys to your next level. Though they might be broke, broken, and bitter, they still have keys that can deliver, set you free, and forever change the course of your destiny!

You see, my friend, when you choose to pursue destiny, destiny will always catch up with you. 

But you must say goodbye to the past. Whatever God has for you is not in your past but in your future. Your Boaz is not in your past but in your future. Stop going back to the past, he is not there. 

Destiny is calling!

The man or woman God has for you is in your destiny. He’s in the place God is calling you to! When destiny comes calling, obey. Let go of the past and everything that’s holding you back, and move forward to your destiny! Move forward to everything the Lord is calling you to! 

You have to discern your destiny carriers and destiny moments and act accordingly. You might not know your Boaz or Ruth, but you know a Naomi who knows you and is related to Boaz!

Lastly, if you choose to obey and answer when destiny comes knocking at the door of your heart, you will be surprised at the miracles and the many blessings that will come pouring in. Ruth made a destiny decision not knowing the future outcome or what lay ahead, and it just happened that Boaz was part of that destiny.


God Bless You ?

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