God is Near..

I attended the Global Leadership Summit for the first time this year 2018. I missed the Thursday event but made it for Friday. The entire day was for me a great eye opener. I learned so much and have immediately implemented at least two new things that I felt are necessary for me to move ahead. I entered into a season of fasting and prayer to seek God’s guidance on how I should be planning and thinking and moving things around to conform to His will for me. The following are the tidbits that I took away with me and which I would like to share with all who might not have made it.

  • There is no end to learning. Take the opportunity to learn. Help out. Don’t wait to be given a position
  • Leadership is not a theory taught in books. It is a skill developed with time.
  • If you cannot lead in low positions, you cannot lead in high positions either.
  • Idleness cannot build a leader. You must dirty your hands.
  • You must have staying power.
  • Get excited, not fearful, about challenges.
  • Don’t be greedy for the spoils. Take only what is your entitlement.
  • You must be accountable and have a strong conviction on matters of value, ethics and the fear of God. You must have a clear stand on these things.
  • What matters is how you finish not how you start. You dont choose how you start but you get to choose how to finish.
  • Values are universal. Take your values with you wherever you go.
  • Refuse to make assumptions. Remain curious.
  • Business is not just about profit. It is also about purpose.
  • Applaud your unfinished work. God applauded Himself day after day as He created the world. Every day he looked and said it was good.
  • There are no shortcuts to success.
  • Temptation is strongest when you are most vulnerable.
  • The fear of God does not take away ambition. Being a Christian gives you an advantage; a head-start over non-believers when you stand on God’s promises.
  • We are living in the end times. Absolute fidelity to the Bible and astute awareness of hypocrisy are vital for your survival in these times.
  • Difficult times are transient. Manage them without compromising your values. There is no position worth betraying God for.
  • Your vision should be something that is beyond your means and which scares you.
Written by
Njeri Mucheru

Writing for me is something that fascinates me. I use it as a drug. It keeps me sane and of sound mind. My career is in the legal field while my calling is in writing. I pray that the words that I write will bless you as much as they have blessed me. Happy reading!

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Written by Njeri Mucheru