Do Miracles Still Happen?

Someone asked me. Do miracles still happen? I was quick to answer “Yes but, only if you believe.”

Miracles are no longer present in the contemporary times, unlike the olden days when pastors and ministers of the gospel prayed for the blind, and they would see. Miracles still exist as their author is still the same. Why don’t you witness them anymore?

The book of John is an actual confirmation that miracles do happen.

In John 2:1-11, Jesus turned water into wine. This was the first miracle that Jesus did at Cana of Galilee, and it left many in awe. Jesus revealed His glory, and therefore the disciples put their faith in Him.

In John 4:43-54, Jesus Heals the Official’s Son. There is no indication of the official’s faith, religion, nationality or even worthiness; it was just an act of pure grace and mercy that Jesus felt for him and still feels for us all. Jesus never went to meet the sick son; He only told the official that his son would be well. The official believed and in faith departed to see his son, on his way, he met his servants who confirmed that his son had recovered. This man did only one thing that is required of us to start witnessing miracles again; he just had faith.

In John 5:1-9, Jesus Heals at the Pool of Bethesda. A man who was crippled for 38 years was healed by Jesus. While others got into the pool where an angel had stirred the water, causing them to be healed, this man could not get into the pool. He had tried severally but time and again failed. When Jesus came along, he was healed immediately. This man was hopeless; he was at the very edge of his healing. The question is, how desperate are you for that miracle, have you tried enough, and are you at the edge?

In John 6:1-5, Jesus Feeds 5000 people. This is certainly a miracle that many are familiar with, and is perhaps the most popular of Jesus’s miracles. There was a big crowd that followed Jesus, and by following Him meant that they were seeking something from Him. There is more to focus on in this miracle because it does not mean feeding our physical emptiness. When you look at it with your spiritual eyes, it means that once you seek the kingdom and its righteousness everything else shall be added unto you. Those that are in Christ Jesus will never again feel empty on the inside; it is clearly what Jesus meant when He said that…

 I Am the bread of life, he who comes to me will never be hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty. (John 6:35)

In John 6-16-25, Jesus Walks on Water. This is a miracle that is well known to everyone who’s doing God’s work. The disciples had struggled to row their boat for a long time until they saw Jesus walking on water. Immediately, they allowed Him into the boat, and they easily made it to their destination. This shows that when Jesus is present in your life, He will help you out whenever you face struggles and lead you through your life’s journey.

In John 9:1-41, Jesus Heals a Man who was Born Blind. This man had been blind since birth. Jesus applied some mud on his eyes and instructed him to go and wash it off, after the man followed the instructions of Jesus, the miracle happened, he could see again. Even the learned officials of the religion could not heal him; they had never witnessed such a miracle. Now more than ever, they were determined to discredit the beggar mainly because his miracle happened on the Sabbath. Could it be that we no longer follow the instructions of Jesus? In John 9:39-41, Jesus said that he came so that the blind could see. So why are you still blind in your spiritual life if Jesus came for this reason?

In John 11:1-44, Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead. This was the last miracle that John documented before the resurrection of Jesus. This miracle illustrates the fulfillment of all God’s promises to those who believe in Him and His word. Jesus called Lazarus and brought him back from the dead. Jesus knew that Lazarus was sick, but He waited until he was dead so that He could raise him. What looked like the end to men was and still is possible with God.

Do you wonder why miracles have become so rare? What could be going wrong when in fact we read the same word of God just like the times when the above miracles happened?

It all starts with belief; who do you believe in? You cannot believe in Jesus and not know Him. Do you know Jesus, and is He present in your life?

I have been healed from more than seven strange diseases, and I know that miracles do happen. I know this because I believe in Jesus and I have a close walk with Him.

Miracles still happen and even more than ever but getting healed is now a norm. Many say “I don’t know what I would have done without my doctor.” NO! “As for me, I don’t know what I would have done without my Jesus.”

Let’s all believe.

Written by
Eva Njeri Mumbi

I am a creative and ambitious Christian writer, wife to a pastor, and also a mother. I am very passionate about writing and it makes me feel complete. My main focus is on Christ and His affairs and inspirational pieces.

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Written by Eva Njeri Mumbi