Social Media Blur

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Mirror on my Phone – The Social Media Blur

Dear Smartphone in my hand,

I am here to stay. I have a name, I have a life, and I have a family that loves me, I have friends and foes alike.

My life is full and complete, so stop trying to compete with me because you will not win.

I run on diesel and not fuel. I don’t need you to make my life full, and I don’t need you to tell me that I look good.

I had enough ticks and likes just before you came along, so you will not influence or dictate my life because I am worth more than gold.

Keep your torture, and your comments of what you deem perfect to yourself.

I had my own version of the story long before you came. Long before I was in my mother’s womb, the Master knew me and formed me, and ordained me for the nations. He already knew my purpose; you are just supposed to complement it.

I was meant to be great, so do not mistake me for your average protégés. I am made of a different kind of skin.

What you have to offer is not enough for me; I am enough without you.

I might be a little bit addicted or maybe a bit more addicted to perusing and checking out every new highlight, but I definitely will not be shaped by you.

I was my own person even before you showed up. The kind of bullying you pull is not for me. If you try that crap, it will burn you like oil, because I just don’t waver – I will make the weight of your foolishness crumble all over you.

Let’s get this straight; I get to know what’s happening around the world because I chat with my friends here and abroad. I will not allow you to manipulate what I choose and what you want to offer me as information.

In fact, you think you are smart? I will show you otherwise. I will use you to make myself better.

The good book does definitely say that all things work together for the good of those who love him.

Well, guess what, I do love him, and he is in me and lives through me. That means I am stronger, wiser and better looking than you.

So whatever you plan for my ruin will destroy you instead and will have no hold on me. The sites you want me to go to while trying to convince me that everybody does it are definitely not for me.

Find someone foolish enough to believe your jargon, find someone foolish enough to believe that there is a trend in beauty.

Beauty is beauty regardless of time and change; it is permanent and doesn’t change much.

Time and chance happen to all. I decide to choose my chance and happening for myself. If I can change my course for the better then I will.

I will use you, smartphone and gadgets, to advance myself and go ahead in life.

In fact, thank you for making my life better in terms of communicating with people who are far away from me.

But, keep in mind that I will use you only when I need you and not because you send me notifications. I will not be manipulated by your ease of access, because you were created by people like me.

Just stay in your lane and I will stay in mine; let’s respect each other’s privacy before I kick you out.

You will not outsmart me, you will not rule me, and you will not ruin me. I will be greater than you, and I will use you to my advantage.

You are a masterpiece created to serve its master. I am definitely your master and you must serve me the way I want. 

Roger that? Okay! 

Written by
Pinnah Waithira Lidwaji

I write because i learnt God uses imperfect people to do perfect things. I am one of those people. Chosen but not qualified, messed up but he turned my story into a message. Broken but not shattered. Been through fire and high waters and he still took me to the other side. He is a re-warder of them that diligently seek him. Trust Him.

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Written by Pinnah Waithira Lidwaji