Infinite God

Infinite God
You are without origin
The God of power and might
Unchanging God
Your grace to us is sure
You are immeasurably more than we could ever desire

By the blood of the lamb that was slain
You have redeemed men
Out of every tribe, tongue, nation and people
You have sculptured a bride for Yourself
Holy and pure is she!
You made men to reign as kings and priests
To worship and appear before You

Infinite God
You are worthy
Worship, power and majesty are Yours
Eternal God
Your love for us is sure
You are immeasurably more than we could ever desire

Worthy is the lamb who was slain
And to Him who sits on the throne
To receive power and riches
To receive wisdom and strength
To receive honour and glory
To receive blessing

Infinite God
You are Holy
Your judgments are forever right
Beautiful God
You inhabit eternity
You are immeasurably more than what we could ever desire

Revelation 5:9-10

Written by
Janet Wachu

I am a writer focused on inspirational material, music and poetry. Currently, I enjoy working with the youth. My desire in writing is to make a spiritual lasting impact and bring readers and listeners closer to the feet of the Father for personal intimacy with Him. I also work as a HR practitioner.

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Written by Janet Wachu